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May 4


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[CLOSED] 600 Watchers Contest!

Journal Entry: Sun May 4, 2014, 6:23 AM

DUDE: Results are in!! Click on the thumb below to see the results!! <3
Now I have to give points and maKE MORE WIGGLIES oh god I can't see a single wiggly anymore hhHHAH.
Anyways, let's get to the winners, shall we? 
▶ 3rd place
MaiaGrace with

Congrats!! I really liked your design for Earth, good job!! I also really liked your ideas for them (in your description)! 
So with this, you've won 50 points and 1 simple wiggly! Again, congratulations!! c:
▶ 2nd place
sillyroll with

Congratulations to you too!! I really loved the way you designed them (also, your art style is cute!) c:
One being not a cat, is even more lovely!! I love the tails (can you even call 'em that? xD) and I could see them being in a cute relationship!! c:
    I also decided I'd want to keep these cuties. Yes. It's a pain for me to add more charact

Hi guys 'n gals! It's Ammiterasu, yes, and I'm holding my first contest! :woohoo:   
    Wow, sorry, I just have to let this sink all in. It was 1am yesterday or so when I got 600 watchers, so I fell asleep really happy! Anyways, this contest will be a design contest! You, as a participant, have to design a three-eyed cat-like creature and a cyclops cat-like creature! (Non-cat designs are also allowed!)
     Now, let's get to the rules and stuff! Wooh! Also: This contest will end on June 5!


- General Rules

:pointr: The characters you'll be designing, are (of course) designed for me! c:
:pointr: I'm most likely to keep the 1st place designs. But it could happen that I keep the other places' designs too!
:pointr: When your designs have won, I'm able to do everything I want with them (like selling, minor changes, etc.)
:pointr: You're allowed to make more than one entry! However, if you make more art for the same entry (like, references), name it 1B and not entry 2!
:pointr: If you ever happen to get new ideas for the design or wanting to change things, mention it in the description or make a new entry (see rule above)!
:pointr: Don't make a design which already exist or looks too similiar to another one! You're also not allowed to copy someone else's design!
:pointr: Uhm. That's it I think? ..

- Character specifics

:pointr: The characters you design have to be the opposites of each other! (e.g. sun and moon, cold and warm, etc.) The themes however, are totally up to you! If the themes are chosen, please put the themes in the description!
:pointr: One of the characters has 1 eye (cyclops), and the other one 3 eyes (the third eye being above the other two)
:pointr: The species is cat-like. Not 100% cat, but with other features (e.g. fish tail, wings and such)
:pointr: Maybe something helpful: The two characters will be a couple! The genders and such, is up to you too!

- Character #1

:pointr: Cyclops cat (1 eye)
:pointr: Is the "derpier" one of the two.

- Character #2

:pointr: 3 eyed cat (the third eye is above the other two eyes, not between them!)
:pointr: Is the more "spirited and serious" one of the two.
:pointr: I'd love to call this cat MoonMoon, but it isn't necessary.

- Judging and stuff

:pointr: The designs will be judged by me. 
:pointr: The most important point to look at is the design itself (e.g. color palette, creativity, picks of themes, my first impression is important). Secondly, I'll look at the art quality and such (e.g. I'll probably like digital art better than traditional art, since the colors are better seen)
:pointr: When the contest has ended, give me max. 1 week to judge. I NEED TIME.

- Tips 'n Tricks

:pointr: I've a love for a normal colored body/fur with unusual colored markings (e.g. brown fur with blue marks). However, if that doesn't fit to your chosen theme, you don't have to do this!
:pointr: I don't prefer (too) complicated designs. However, if I seem to like it, I may remove/change something of your design if it's too complicated to draw. I also don't prefer (too) simple designs!
:pointr: Accessoiries are allowed! You can go crazy, as long as it fits to the design and/or theme!
:pointr: I don't prefer too girly stuff, futuristic, a lot of dull/neon colors, not fitting colors.
:pointr: I also don't prefer too many cat features! (Since I already have that many cats ///) You're also allowed to make something else than a cat, of course!
:pointr: Below some links with palettes I like! You're allowed to use them, but if you come up with your own palette, you've a better chance of winning!………………

:pointr: Below some designs I like! Remember: Don't copy them! Only use them as an inspiration!………………

:pointr: You can make a double headed creature! (Remember to keep both ''characters'' seperated, since they'll be the opposites of each other!)
:pointr: Or a creature with two personalities (Like, chimera!), remember the same as above!
:pointr: Of course I prefer two characters, but the mentioned stuff above is also allowed!

- Prizes

1st place
200 :points:
1 simple wiggly

2nd place
100 :points:
1 simple wiggly

3rd place
50 :points:
1 simple wiggly

Examples of simple wigglies!

VICTORY WIGGLE by AmmiterasuWIGGLY | TwinkleKitty by Ammiterasutoflu wiggle. by AmmiterasuEVERYDAY I'M SKITTLIN' by AmmiterasuDAT SWAGGITY by Ammiterasu
hhhh I have to get more points hhh more adopts incoming ///

- Entries

Entries are found here:…

- Other

:pointr: If you want to join the contest while you aren't a watcher, you can watch me for updates and such on the contest!
:pointr: Feel free to advertise this contest via DeviantART! The more the merrier, right? 
:pointr: Something's missing in this journal? Extra information? More specific things? Let me know!
:pointr: If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
:pointr: Remember, the end date is June 5!

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